Memorial Celebrations

ECK Memorial Services sing the HU aloud in the loving presence of God. Please HU if you come to mine and if invited to yours I will certainly sing silently or aloud, whichever you wish. . . . → Read More: Memorial Celebrations

Sheep fulfil Self-Abuse for Me

This feeling was an opportunity to still love the sheep unconditionally, it was a chance to repair fencing where they were getting through, and it created a space in which we examined what thoughts the sheep were responding to. . . . → Read More: Sheep fulfil Self-Abuse for Me

We are Babes in the Woods when it comes to Freedom

Each time each one of us acknowledges ourselves as Soul, communicates with all as Souls on spiritual journey, and seeks to understand God, and love each other, then the threads of a different story have been woven into the fabric of history. . . . → Read More: We are Babes in the Woods when it comes to Freedom

Be a Deva - Your personal guide to creating a conscious relationship with your home, plants, animals, and the fairies in your garden. See David's new book here.

Better Health Naturally for Honeybees, 2012. David's new book here.

Sacred Living Geometry - Keys to success understanding the foundational principles of the Universe. A free weekly course. Subscribe.

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