The Heart to Listen

Today a friend showed so much genuine interest in what had taken place since his last visit  I was inspired to take give on a tour of my home.  I really opened up telling him small details I would not have felt comfortable saying if he had not been so interested.

This opened my heart to a greater understanding of how people really like to have someone listen with interest and attention. Often I have not done this for my partner when I’ve been busy keeping up with everything in a world that changes faster and faster. She has been telling me this, and by some miracle I am being given the blessing of the chance to learn. Someone listened to me, as she has, and many others before her. Somehow it took just one more person doing it, to tip the scales for me to realise I’m tired of not listening.

Yesterday’s miracle (see yesterday) is working well too. If you’re going to do it write down everything you want to do and decide when you are going to take action on each item. Now that I am doing it my head is not worrying about two or there hundred different things for fear I’ll forget to get around to them. My mind is calmer.  It’s a miracle how everything that happens builds so effectively on what happened yesterday, and prepares so well for tomorrow.

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