The Astral Plane changes fast

Today is a lovely warm day to soak the walls of our earthy outdoor building with the deep red stain of cedar.

A friend also visited for first time, just when Lorraine had a question for him that she thought she was going to have to keep and ask when in town.

A bee got paint on its wings and Lorraine gave it honey to give it the energy it needed to spend 45 minutes rubbing it off by trapping each wing between its body and hind legs. It was a joy to see it fly away. Having Lorraine here is a joy too, as it is her middle name.

Best of day however is the soul travel I did to the Astral plane while “asleep”. I had asked the Mahanta for more information about how astral feelings trap the mind. I found myself trying to find my room in a street full of student flats. For what seemed like an hour I compared houses out on the street, went down familiar looking alleyways, searched around back for anything familiar and did it all over again.  Even saw a house moving about on what must have been a big bag of air. It kept morphing into completely different houses.  This helped me to realise I was on the astral plane and explained why I could not find my room.

Everything was changing so fast. In fact I didn’t seem to find any bedrooms. Found lots of showers and baths though as I probably needed one in the physical!  Finally when I worked with the law of assumption and acted as if I was home.  I felt that I could have the confidence to behave as if I belonged, as it was a new student flat and no-body would worry anyway. So I asked someone where the toilet was and a young man put his arm into the wall,  pulled the hole down and pocked it in the floor, the tube for a toilet appeared as he withdrew his arm.  I looked down the tube and saw a huge undergrown cavity full of frothy sloshing about wildly enough to come up out the tube. I was not excited to be anywhere near it and promptly lost my desire to go.

A man in one of the baths asked if I would like a massage without seeing me.  I said yes, as long as it wasn’t sexual.  Another time, a nice large warm bath, fascinated me as it had many rags floating on the surface.  I decided I was in my place because it was green, though its kitchen, and baths, and showers went on for ages further than I remembered. All out of proportion to the house as I remembered it.

What else the dream may have meant to me I don’t know.

As a spiritual exercise ask to be shown something in your dreams that you want to learn, and make notes as soon as you wake up. If if doesn’t quite make sense it could be that it took place in a different reality or another plane.

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