Why am I so happy? Because I am living as Soul!

It’s so much fun writing in the forest with the birds singing their songs. Why am I so happy? Because in writing about all the little miracles in life, I am living as Soul, a conscious creator. I am becoming more and more a Soul living in the midst of miracles; the best of which I record to share with you.  In sharing this experience other Souls are recognising their miracles. Conscious of their miraculous lives the universe is filling with creative joyful Souls imagining and creating lives full of miracles. Living in a universe full of miracles I am more easily aware of the miracles in ‘mine’.

Life has many angles, many viewpoints. My head was full of geometry measuring and marking out the angles, and lines that would create a butt joint for a shelf that was terminating into a low ceiling that was sloping at two angles.  Life became a challenge when I needed to screw supports to these shelves, at right angles in all three planes with knees helping hold screw driver and set square. When it came time to swing the hammer I held the window open with one foot. Took a while as life does.

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