Rocking with Rocks

Today’s sun made a pile of rocks pleasantly warm to handle and encouraged the weeds growing amongst them, so it was an ideal time to move them into place as garden edging.

The 25mm thick board already had in place, though 5 years old, were not yet rotten as linseed oil had been applied liberally before putting them in.  However, in the years to come they will decay, so rocks had been brought in early.

After weeding around the rocks, I pulled up the boards they were replacing, and got the rocks moving into place, side by side, in a single line.

The rocks rocked themselves into place. How did they do this?

Following the law of assumption that it is easy I assumed the right rocks were there for the job. What’s more, I assumed the  next rock needed would be available and would make itself known.

The way a rock makes itself known is to look more inviting to be used than any of the others.  A quick glance at the shaped edge of the rock already placed makes it apparent which rocks might be invited. Then of all the possible rocks the one to be used looks different. It looks different to get my attention, and can look different in anyway at all.  If you are doing this, the rock needed will get your attention some way or another. You may just have a feeling, as sense of it, a hunch.

If the rock doesn’t place well,  I turn it round the other way, and then it usually fits. Sometimes the rock unexpectedly wants to be turned upside down to make a good fit.

Naturally if they do not have a flat surface to lie on, rocks like  a bit of a hole dug, to get them to set firm in the ground. They also like to overlap a neighbour, or to rest their end on that neighbour to keep each other steady. Every now and then a rock that was too tall offered its services and this one is dug in deep to steady both its neighbours.  When a rock is already in the ground  a rock with a curved base is available to lie steady over the top of it.

On the corners there are rocks with appropriate shapes, as long as one listens to them to hear and watches to see how it is to be done.

If the mind is not kept clear, the rocks chosen will become obstacles to the line being built. They will not fit simply because they are not listened to.

Connection with the rocks may be re-established at any time by talking to them, trusting them, and knowing you can do it. If that is not possible it is best to have a rest and come back later.

Whatever you build your structure will be solid with this approach. If  your rocks will feel like they are working together. They are. They are the supportisans of the world!

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